Snow becomes Erhe"s valuablecheap personalized rubber wristbands asset

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Snow-covered landscape of Erhe village in Shulan city, Northeast China"s Jilin province pictured on Jan 10. [Photo/Xinhua]

To support his small tourism business in Erhe, Lu Caishu sold his 110 cows. Erhe, a village in northeastern China"s Jilin province, is known for having thick snow during winter.

Lu"s decision was considered risky two years ago, especially among villagers who mostly had stable incomes from raising cattle. However, Lu was convinced that the tourist industry would offer a more lucrative and sustainable way to make money.

Last year, the money that Lu invested in his business began to pay off. During this winter, he received more than 5,000 customers, bringing in nearly 300,000 yuan ($44,500). "It only takes me three to four months to take care of my business, but I had to work for a whole year when I used to make a living raising cattle," Lu said.

Not only does Lu run one of the most profitable guesthouses in the village, but he has also set up a travel company to further enhance business reputation, allowing household investors to receive dividends by the end of the year.

More ambitious villagers began their own guesthouses to cash in on the booming tourism as profits snowballed over the years. There are now 50 guesthouses and restaurants in the village owned by 126 households.

Each winter, Erhe attracts more than 8,000 tourists. According to the local tourism sector, the number is expected to reach 100,000 this year. "I"ve always wanted to start my own business, and the winter tourism helped realize my dream," said Sun Linlin, who invested over 2 million yuan in her guesthouse.

Sun"s guesthouse is now the biggest in Erhe, and she receives nearly 400 customers each day during the peak season. "There is huge potential in winter tourism as more people seek the rural lifestyle to relieve the stress they face in big cities," she said.

Last winter, Erhe"s total tourism revenue reached 10 million yuan. More than 80 percent of the villagers now work in the industry, and over 60 percent of them run their own businesses. Restaurants, guesthouses, souvenir shops, theaters, and museums have sprung up in the village.

The boom in tourism also attracted more villagers who previously moved to bigger cities for better opportunities to come home and earn a share of the profits.

"I had never imagined snow would become Erhe"s most valuable asset," said Liu Hongcai, owner of a brewery selling grain alcohol.


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